Thoughts from Michael

The Sound Journey itself is very much along the lines of an extended Shavasana...  Participants are encouraged to lay down in a comfortable position for them, oftentimes eye pillows are provided, and are expected to do nothing... 

This is a time of BEing, not DOing...This is a space where the ability to receive is highly accentuated and we tap into the Divine Consciousness flowering through our every Breath as human beings.. Not human doings.. To unplug for an hour is good for the entire system.. this subtle, yet powerful act of surrendering and allowing creates an energetic flow where homeostasis happens naturally and the feel-good chemicals of our systems are released, so that as we experience the rebuilding of our selves for the 90 minutes we are involved in this, we are rebuilt in a state of Divine health and harmonious communication between the systems that create us and what is created...  Relax, Release, Rejuvenate!!!


The sound journey itself is a caressing of our entire system to allow peace and tranquility to flow through each string, cell and fiber of our being.. I often compare it to a massage.. Where as a masseuse massages our outer body and soothes it in numerous ways, I massage participants from the inside with the incredible healing ability of sound.... It's like a massage for the parts inside of us that keep everything going along smoothly..


An enchanted journey of the heart... It is a chance to go in and say thank you and show our appreciation to the innumerable ways that life forms within us by caressing them with the sounds of a peaceful life all around us... 

I incorporate a variety of instruments including Himalayan bowls, gong, Shaman drum, chimes, Native American flute and spoken word... 

I hope you will allow me the pleasure of your company upon this journey. 

Atlanta, GA

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